Anxiety Disorder Advice

Understanding What Causes General Anxiety Disorder and How to Treat It

Treat Anxiety Naturally with Panic Away - Click HereOne of the most common types of anxiety disorder in our society is general anxiety disorder or GAD. People with this disorder feel on edge, worried and anxious almost every day about things that would not bother a person who doesn't have the disorder. A person with general anxiety disorder cannot see that his worries are irrational and often find it hard to live a happy, normal life because of the condition. The following information will help you understand general anxiety disorder, what the symptoms are and how it is treated.

Anxiety disorders show up in physical symptoms that may come on suddenly and also as changes in a persons behavior and moods. People with anxiety disorders find it hard to relate to and talk to other people. sThe main symptoms of general anxiety disorder include dizziness, terrible headaches, exhaustion, and racing heart. Other symptoms that people have with general anxiety disorder are sweating uncontrollably, trouble falling and staying asleep and muscle twitches that come on suddenly and won't go away.

If you suspect you have general anxiety disorder, you should see your doctor so he can analyze your symptoms and take note of how severe they are and how often they occur. Your doctor cannot diagnose you with general anxiety disorder until you have had symptoms for six months in a row or more. After you are officially diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, your doctor will present your treatment options to you. These usually include therapy options like cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation methods you can do at home like yoga and meditation, natural anxiety treatments, or taking anxiety attack medications like sedatives to reduce your anxiety.


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As many as six million people in the United States have general anxiety disorder and it may even be more because some people do not seek help for their problem. A lot of people either ignore their symptoms thinking they will go away or they are embarrassed to talk to their doctor and get diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. The real number of people with this condition could be as much as ten million. Adults and children alike can suffer from general anxiety disorder.

There is no one cause that doctors can pinpoint for general anxiety disorder. They believe it is a combination of genetics and the way people live their lives. No matter what the cause, there are many different options for treatment of general anxiety disorder.

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