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Anxiety Treatments with The Linden Method - Click HereThis article discusses health issues related to anxiety and the various types of Anxiety Treatments available today. Anxiety can be managed and controlled, and there are various anxiety treatments available today that can help you. Read on to find out more.... you can also read here about other ways to treat anxiety naturally.

Anxiety disorder affects many people on a daily basis. It can co-exist with other disorders as well, such as depression and many of the same antidepressant medications are used for anxiety treatments. The symptoms experienced by persons with anxiety or panic disorder can be different and occur with varying severity, which is why treating anxiety must be individualized for each patient. 

Some of the most common symptoms that people with anxiety experience are heart palpitations, fast heart rate, numbness and tingling in arms and hands, shortness of breath, dizziness, disassociation with present surroundings, terror, and fear of impending doom.

These feelings are all too real to people who are experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. 

There is also great fear afterward of another attack; agoraphobia is common and many of these people do not want to leave their homes for fear of having an attack in public in front of strangers. Home is safer and anxiety attacks are less likely to happen in more comfortable surroundings.

Anxiety treatments can be very simple if contributing factors, such as caffeine intake or use of other stimulants that are contributing to the panic attacks. Stress is another common denominator that plays a significant role in anxiety disorder. Stress triggers the release of the hormone cortisol from the adrenal glands, which in turn stimulates the “fight or flight” reaction in our bodies. Eventually, neurotransmitters in the brain can’t keep up with the continued assault and a chemical imbalance results. Serotonin, norephinephrine, and dopamine are the three neurotransmitters that have been found to play a significant role in mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.


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The newer anti-depressants make more of these chemicals available in the brain alleviating symptoms, which is why anxiety treatment usually involves use of an anti-depressant. Anti-anxiolytics are also prescribed to control symptoms and feelings of panic that can still occur until the anti-depressant starts to become effective, which can be two to four weeks from initiation of treatment.

Most patients respond very well to anxiety treatments; antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications when incorporated with psychotherapy and some life style modification are very beneficial.

Relaxation techniques are also a great treatment for anxiety and can be done any where any time. Slow rhythmic breathing will slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure as well as enhance relaxation and calm feelings of anxiety.

Other effective natural anxiety treatments include biofeedback, meditation, and exercise, as well as stress reduction, lowering caffeine intake, or any other chemical or substance that is being ingested that could be a contributing factor.

If you or someone you know is suffering from panic disorder, get help with effective anxiety treatments. For more information about anxiety treatments that work consult a mental health care provider to get back into life and stop being paralyzed by panic.

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