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Try The Linden Method - Click HereThis article discusses the Anxiety Support groups and the related issues with such groups. Anxiety Disorders are seemingly growing in numbers and many people are looking toward anxiety support groups for help. Unfortunately, these organizations are not always easy to find. Some people simply complain about the lack of anxiety support groups in their communities while others take a proactive approach to the situation.

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America recognizes the importance of creating a supportive community of people who have similar conditions and concerns. A self-help approach to such a condition is not always the best approach without a community.

Anxiety support groups are helpful in helping individuals find ways to relate to others while building a foundation of self-reliance on which to build.

It is crucial to create a community of understanding individuals who are able to relate to each other on a personal basis about the disorder. A good group will provide a feeling of affinity while offering the most up-to-date information and resources about anxiety. It can help people gain new insight by dismissing many of the myths surrounding the disorders as well.


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The benefits of anxiety support groups are great but the ADAA suggests that you first consult a physician about your symptoms before jumping on the bandwagon. Proper diagnosis and treatment is the best first step to take on the road to recovery. Without taking this step any of the anxiety support groups you join will be ineffective. The meetings are supposed to be attended in addition to an overall treatment plan provided by a professional.

While self-help is extremely important when it comes to this particular type of disorders it is still crucial that you seek medical attention if your symptoms interfere with your ability to function. If your anxiety interferes with your ability to navigate through everyday situations, you need to seek advice from your doctor. Anxiety support groups can always come into play later.

Let’s say that you have visited your doctor and you do have a significant problem that needs to be addressed. You know that anxiety support groups can help but there are none in your area. You can always make the first step to creating one in your own community. The Anxiety Disorders Association of America has a guide on how to create anxiety support groups on its website.
This bold step is not for everyone. You have to be willing to commit to the project. It is important to be assertive and it is crucial that you be organized in your efforts. If you are not assertive or organized find someone who is dedicated to the cause as well and work in collaboration with him. After all anxiety support groups are all about collaboration.

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