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The Pros and Cons of Anxiety Group Therapy

Anxiety group therapy is a treatment where you meet in a small group of usually less than 15 people and discuss your anxiety issues instead of meeting individually with a therapist. There are pros and cons of anxiety group therapy.

The Pros

Try Linden Method - Click HereOne of the best things about anxiety group therapy is you are able to spend time with other people who are going through a very similar experience as you and that can be comforting. You do not feel so alone when you see others who feel the same way. Often, anxiety causes people to feel like they do not belong and they do not fit in with other people so anxiety group therapy can help them realize that they are not that different from everyone else.

Another benefit of anxiety group therapy is that the participants can share their ideas and their ways of coping with their anxiety so everyone can learn new things that they might not have gotten from individual therapy. The other people in the group therapy have a lot of the same experiences as you so you can learn from them and you can share your own ideas so everyone can start to cope with their anxiety in healthier ways.

Anxiety group therapy is helpful for patients who are shy and withdrawn because of their anxiety because they are in a situation where they are comfortable with the people around them. It is easier for someone with anxiety to talk to and share their experiences with people who know what they are going through.

The Cons

There are some ways in which anxiety group therapy is not as good as individual counseling sessions. In a group setting, it is hard for the counselor to give all the patients the individual attention that they may need to cope with their anxiety. Not everyone thinks or learns the same way so some people can get lost in the group and feel like they are not contributing to and not learning anything from the group therapy.

In many cases, people who are in an anxiety group therapy also have some one-on-one counseling time as well. This can happen during the group therapy as one by one they go out and talk to a counselor to discuss any issues they may need help with. Some things are not able to be dealt with in the group like issues surrounding medication or other private things that do not belong in group therapy. Using a combination of anxiety group therapy and one-on-one therapy time is the best way to treat anxiety.


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